Famoso Speedshop Project Cars - MAde in the USA




This 1955 Chevy was the first gasser built at Famoso Speed Shop in 1999. It is still owned by longtime sportsman drag racer, Stan Chersky. Frequently seen at local So Cal events, this Chevy runs a removable tilt front end and cut out wheel wells. Stan has fun doing 6.40 in the 1/8- mile and the car runs 140 mph in the ¼ mile. “Quicksilver” is the companion car to Stan’s other 1955 Chevy that is a street cruiser. Photo: Stan Chersky & Mike Morgan



The famed Green Go, a nostalgia NE1 class Front Engine dragster with a Fiat body, is a multi-award winning racecar. Using the original body mold of the Pete Millar “Chicken Coupe/Modified Fuel Coupe”, the Green Go #1 is a tribute car. Painted in our signature green & gold paint scheme, it was built as Randy’s personal dragster and was a preeminent public relations vehicle for Famoso Speed Shop. The racecar is seen in the Snake and Mongoose movie, was raced internationally and received intense worldwide media coverage. It campaigned for Famoso Speed Shop & the Winkle-Byrd Race Team running low ETs. It’s now owned by Kendal Smith (New Zealand) and actively raced overseas. Photo: Anna Marco (Taupo, NZ)



This 1930 Bantam coupe bodied Altered racecar was built on 117” funny car chassis formerly owned by fabricator Jesse James. Built by Randy as an NE1 class racecar with a Powerglide transmission, Ford 9“ floater rear-end, and white tuck ‘n roll upholstery (Unique Upholstery Art, Bakersfield, CA) the racecar used three engine configurations: A 540 ci Keith Black Hemi, a 406 ci supercharged Chevy small block and a 377 ci blown small block Chevy. Upon its debut at the Tri State Hot Rod Reunion (Julesburg, CO), the race car won the first ever Don McIntosh Sr. Memorial Race Trophy and $1000 cash. It was immediately sold at the event and resides in Colorado. It is still raced today. Photo: Wayne Lederer



This unusual/rare European 1967 Opel Kadett is a lightweight, rear drive vehicle and an early Famoso Speed Shop build project. During the ’70s, the small Kadett was yellow, sat high w/ a vinyl sunroof top and nicknamed “Rotten to the Core/ One Bad Apple.”   Randy saw this exact car in action on both the street and strip as a kid. He later bought it and restyled it his way using contemporary parts: steel tilt front end, coil over suspension, dropped chassis, a 1989 Ford Tempo roof panel, ladder bars, 12 pt. roll cage and ET mag wheels. The short Kadett wheel base couldn’t handle a blower so the built Chevy mill now makes 525 hp and 520lb/ft. of torque using an 850 cfm Holley carb/hi rise intake manifold (bolted onto a 406 ci Chevy V8.) The 2,500 lb. Opel runs 8.80 ETs or better. Photo: Larry C




An old California drag car in B/G Class, this 1957 Chevy gasser was resurrected and received heavy media coverage. Despite its flashy stance and wicked performance, it was best known for being the infamous ”tow car to a black dragster.” It was built for a private client and shipped to Byron, Illinois, home of Byron Dragway and the Meltdown Drags. Photo: Anna Marco.




This sleek bodied 1300 lb. nostalgia racecar retains a 179″ wheelbase, 800 hp, 750lb/ft. torque and does 7.40 in the ¼-mile using 383 ci of vintage 1971 chromed engine stuffed with race parts. Sleek aesthetics include hand painted graphics, front/rear matching cowls at the driver’s compartment, a ribbed blower scoop and a stylish tail fin formed of sheet metal that hides an updated roll-cage, chute and wheelie bar mounts. This is the racecar that was towed behind the famed Famoso Okie Doker gasser. The car is now “living room art” residing in private collection in a castle in England. Photo: Anna Marco.

1966 A/FX MUSTANG (FSS Team Racecar)



Purchased at the 2015 Hot Rod Reunion (Bowling Green, KY), this Mustang originally ran the Midwest racing circuit in 1966-1967. It is the only true A/FX Mustang with a steel center body & fiberglass long nose on the race circuit today (that we know of.) Plans are to run this “metamorphosis” car on So Cal Nostalgia Racing circuit. Not for sale. Photo: Stormy Byrd.




This original Rocky Childs, Childs-Albert Race Team car holds the record in E/Gas and campaigned race tracks from 1960-1962. It raced at the Meltdown Drags with a sb Chevy engine and featured in Hot Rod Magazine (2018). Childs, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, went to San Fernando HS & was classmates/friends with the late Dick Landy. In the mid-1960s, he teamed with Albert to launch the Childs & Albert product line of rocker arms, remote starters, and a device called a "pig" for warming a car up on alky and switching to nitro. They later expanded to connecting-rods, piston rings, bearings and internal engine components. One of Childs' first race cars was a '37 Chevy that he drove (mostly at San Fernando Raceway) and was partners with Ronnie Winkle (ironic) of R&R Engines. The C&A team fielded a variety of its own race cars, driven by the likes of Pat Foster, Walt Stevens, Tom Toler, Dwight Salisbury, and Bruce Walker. This racecar is now owned by a private collector. ANRA event photo.

1964 FALCON SPINT (Stormy Byrd/FSS Team Racecar)



Stormy Byrd’s 1964 Falcon Sprint coupe built at FSS, is a street legal gasser dedicated to former owner/drag racer Paul Mudryk. The period correct stance runs a 347 sb Ford w/ Weiand tunnel ram, dual 500 cfm AFB carbs, a Schneider cam, dual exhaust, a Ford 4-speed top-loader transmission and 4” drop tube axle. Its nosebleed stance, diamond tuck interior, 8-track tape player, roll cage, bucket seats and safety harness are testament to nostalgia racecars and can be seen at exhibition events for both street and strip such as Dragfest Famoso. Not for sale. Photo: Stormy Byrd




This 1955 Chevy gasser is an old Bakersfield street racer. A 10-year build project, it was formerly dark green. Eventually, the car was repainted and built with a 496 ci bb Chevy mill, Turbo 400 trans, trans brake and 9” Ford rear-end becoming a centerfold for Traditional Rod & Kulture Magazine. It now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Photo: Mat Flud.

1948 ANGLIA PANEL (FSS Team Racecar)



This panel body Anglia is one of Randy’s personal racecars utilizing a supercharged 377 ci Chevy engine, Turbo 400 transmission, front drop tube axle, 8 ¾” Chrysler rear-end and all steel body. As of 2018, the project car is almost race ready. Not for sale. Private Photo.




Built for a private client, this Pro Street racecar retains 383 ci carbureted stroker engine, narrowed 9” Ford rear-end, 3.50 gears & spool, Turbo 400 transmission, 1969 Opel Kadett front end, full roll cage and steel tilt front end. The build was helmed by Stormy Byrd and now resides in San Diego, CA. Photo: Stormy Byrd




This true Sixties racecar has lost its history however, the 117” dragster chassis is still racing So Cal race tracks mated to a 377 ci supercharged Chevy. It retains a Legend coupe body, Powerglide transmission, Ford 9” rear-end, black tuck n roll upholstery and our signature green and gold Famoso Speed Shop paint job. Currently the car is under construction waiting for a new engine and plans to race. Pam Conrad Photo.




This Willys is a smooth street cruiser with AC, power windows, and Bluetooth. A 355 ci engine is mated to a Turbo 700 R4 transmission, 4-way disc brakes & a Curry 9” rear end. Unique Upholstery Art helmed interior with paint by Ralphie and Graphics by Cory. The car resides in Illinois. Photo: Holly West




Once known as Famoso Speed Shop family car, this Falcon was driven/raced by Randy Winkle Jr. and tech’d for 7.50. The Ford retains a 496 ci engine, full chassis and roll cage and is good for both street & strip. It now resides in Australia. Photo: NHRA March Meet/DragRacingTV.com

1951 CHEVY (FSS Team Racecar)



This street car is also bracket raced by Randy Winkle Jr. and is part of the Famoso Speed Shop race team. It has a 396 ci engine, tunnel ram, a straight axle and is usually seen cruising around on the streets of Bakersfield. Photo: Mike Garrett




An original steel Bakersfield racecar, Randy built this gasser in 2006 adding a blown 383 ci Small block Chevy engine. The vehicle was in the 2007 issue of Traditional Rod & Kulture and then sold to car collector Jim Faschnet. He sold it at a 2016 Mecum auction for $85,000 after downsizing his car inventory. Photo: Mecum



Built in 1984 by Stormy Byrd & Dennis Ankenbauer, this 145” RCS chassis FED was the companion racer to Stormy’s famed “Revelation” dragster. The car had several body & engine configurations: In 1984, a traditional quarter dragster body housed a carbureted 350 sb Chevy. An aluminum nosepiece was added in 1986. In 1989, a 1927 T-Pickup body was used.  The 2nd engine was an injected 355 Chevy on 50% nitro. The current racecar is a 1938 Topolino body (built in late 1989) & its 3rd engine is a blown 355 Chevy with a 2-speed Art Carr transmission & Ford 9” rear-end. From 2006-2016, the vehicle was campaigned as a team car with Joel Gruzen’s House of Mouse. Plans for extensive modifications and a rebuild are forthcoming with new team partners Frank Creston and Randy Winkle for Famoso Speed Shop. Photo: Anna Marco