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Made in the USA

Randy Winkle’s internationally acclaimed “Famoso Speed Shop” is based in MacFarland, CA next to the famed Famoso Raceway. He is a long time drag racer/builder/promotor known for his fast ETs, smoky burnouts and period correct fabrication of nostalgia dragsters, hot rods and gassers. Randy’s race car builds are in demand worldwide and he is the founder of the “Famoso Mob,” an elite group of drag racers based at Famoso Raceway but who also tour, compete and campaign with each other internationally. He is also founder of Dragfest Famoso, a member of the NHRA, and the Winkle-Byrd Race Team based in Bakersfield, CA. He was tech consultant/driver on The Snake & Mongoose Movie and is known to eat race tracks for breakfast. See:

(C) Photo by: Larry Chen