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Randy Winkle is a competitive drag racer with naturally quick reflexes and the ability to cut a .000 light on the timing tree. He has been involved in drag racing since childhood as a racer/builder/promotor known for his wicked humor, fast ETs, smoky burnouts and period correct fabrication of nostalgia dragsters, hot rods and gassers. A multi award winning driver, Randy’s showy race car builds are in demand worldwide and he is the founder of the “Famoso Mob,” an elite group of drag racers based at Famoso Raceway but who also tour, compete and campaign with each other internationally. His is also founder of the Dragfest Famoso nostalgia racing event, a member of the NHRA, and the Winkle-Byrd Race Team based in Bakersfield, CA. He was tech consultant/driver on The Snake & Mongoose Movie and is known to eat race tracks for breakfast. His internationally acclaimed “Famoso Speed Shop” is based in MacFarland, CA next to the famed Famoso Raceway. See: ttps://


Stormy Byrd is known as “The Ambassador of Nostalgia Drag Racing” and has been racing Southern California drag strips for over 35 years. His contributions to the sport include guest editor for Nostalgia and talk show guest appearances. His Slingshot 1 dragster, “The Revelation” originally ran at Lions Dragstrip and is a famed time capsule of drag racing history. Stormy is a first-class mechanic (currently helming project builds at Famoso Speed Shop), a champion of burn-outs, dry hops & “Back Up Babes” (a name coined by longtime friend & NHRA announcer, Mike English.) Stormy is the other half of the winkle-Byrd Race Team. He and his racing partner, Randy Winkle, were tech consultants/drivers in the Snake & Mongoose movie. He continues to match race his car in “Nostalgia Eliminator” class at the NHRA & ANRA Nostalgia series events such as The Eaglefield Drags, March Meet, The California Hot Rod Reunion and The Meltdown Drags. He is most often found with a greasy shop rag in his hand. See: or email:

Stormy Byrd & Randy Winkle, Drag Racers (Winkle-Byrd Race Team)

The Famoso Mob

Once nicknamed,”the gangsters of drag racing,” as a joke, the Famoso Mob is a group of like- minded guys who love nostalgia drag racing and hot rodding. They are based out of their 1/4-mile home track, Famoso Raceway (Auto Club Famoso Raceway ) This fabled racetrack was site to the original Smokers Fuel and Gas Championships which is now called The March Meet. The track also hosts the annual California Hot Rod Reunion. The Famoso Mob tours, competes and campaigns worldwide to preserve the sport of nostalgia drag racing. They support the preservation of vintage vehicles and legislation to protect the hobby from over regulation of the sport. They are front engine dragster/gasser/motorcycle drivers, mechanics and hobbyists who grew up in the sport of drag racing in Southern California, a mecca for hot rodders known as the birthplace of drag racing and hot rodding. Current members include Ken Lee, James von Slacker, Randy Winkle Jr., Dusty Clark, James Day, Spencer Sharp, Kenny “Racer” Brown, Tommy Brown, Joel Gruzen,  and others to be determined.